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Photo Gallery - Oriel Darluniau

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger photo with higher resolution  which will take longer to download:

Cliciwch ar ddarlun bach isod i gael gweld llun mwy gyda manylder uwch a wnaiff gymryd mwy o amser i lawrlwytho:

Cliffman starting down cliff Here the cliff man, Alun,  is beginning his descent to the casualty.   He is secured by two 200 metre ropes known as the main line and the safety line.   The lines pass through pulleys ('blocks') on the four legged stand called a quadpod at the cliff top.

Cliff man at Trefor In this photograph you can see Alun talking on his hand held radio as he is being lowered down cliff by means of the portable rescue winch which has been set up on the cliff top above.

Sea King helicopter lifting casualty On exercise at Trefor.   Emlyn is being hoisted from cliff face by winchman and Sea King Search and Rescue helicopter.   Alun is the other coastguard on the cliff.

Closepu of winchman and casualty on exercise Closeup of Emlyn and the Sea King winchman being hoisted from cliff on exercise.

Sea King SAR helicopter with winchman

Sea King Search and Rescue Helicopter of 'C' Flight 22 Squadron based at RAF Valley.   The winchman is being lowered down to casualty.

Sea King SAR helicopter on beach Sea King SAR Helicopter on Towyn Beach, Tudweiliog, standing by to airlift injured horse rider to hospital.

Bullock hauled along beach'Bullock stretcher' being hauled up cliff This was a little different from our usual call-outs.   A local farmer asked us for help to rescue his bullock which was in a remote stony cove.   It had apparently been injured, probably in a fall and could not stand.  We improvised by using a plywood sheet as a stretcher on which the bullock was placed, and hauling it along the beach.  Field gates were then placed on the rocky path to the cliff top, along which the 'stretcher' slid,  hauled by tractor, the bullock having been placed in a large builder's sand bag for safety.  

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